Nike AF1 customed using black embossed LV vinyl leather fabric. Glued using high quality adhesive shoe glue and stitched for extra security. 


Note: You will recieve a email confirmation when your nike AF1 has arrived at SASSI CO. There we can start your design and when finsihed you will recieve another email with shipping info. 


Disclaimer: No Stock, No order

We can only provide the AF1 if they are in stock at their retail/online stores.

Each pair is brought brand new ready for your cutsom. We are not affiliated with any other brand or shoe comany, everything is custom made by me.


Shipping Aus using takes up to 3-5 business days.

Black Embossed LV

  • Hand Washing Only

    I recommend using a soft brush and microfiber towel when cleaning. Any shoe cleaner will work or soapy water if you don't have shoe cleanser. 

    Don't scrub too hard or use a hard bristle brush as it could possibly ruin design.